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Table of Etchers for ASML Zero Level Target Marks

This table gives the labmember a quick reference for the etchers that can be used to etch 120nm ASML Zero Level Target Marks.
Etcher Program
Etch Time
Total Time
 per Load
Total Wafers
per Load
amtetcher  Program #4
5:00 min
30 mins
semi-clean 24
p5000etch CHC POLY ETCH
0:27 secs
 20 mins
 semi-clean 1 (8 per pump
down), 50 max
lampoly  Program #3
 0:20 secs
 30 mins
 semi-clean  25, cassette to cassette
drytek2  Poly Etch
 0:30 secs
 20 mins
2 (use contaminated electrodes)
drytek2  Poly Etch
0:30 secs
20 mins
 semi-clean 4 (use clean electrodes)

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