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Summary of Si, Poly Si and Amorphous Si Etch Processes in SNF

The following information is provided to SNF users to aid in the determination of appropriate equipment for their etching needs. Standard or typical programs and results are given. The user may want to tailor the programs to fit their specific process. Etch rates and selectivities are given as a starting point only and should not be considered to be current. It is highly recommended that users establish the etch rates for their work by the use of test wafers as close in material and masking pattern as possible to the device wafers to be etched.
Tool Etch Program Cleanliness

Etch Rate Si Etch Rate PR Etch Rate Ox
Si : PR
amtetcher  Si Trench
 semi-clean  no  52nm  35nm  28nm  1.5 : 1
drytek2 Poly clean, semi-clean and contaminated
 yes 210nm 45nm 23nm 4:1
drytek4 Poly contaminated  no        
lampoly Recipe 1 (timed)
Recipe2 (endppoint)

semi-clean  yes 320nm   15nm  
mrc Poly contaminated  no        
p5000etch CH C POLY ETCH
semi-clean  yes 300nm 100nm 30nm 3:1
stsetch DEEP semi-clean  no 2.5um 23nm   105:1
stsetch2  Smooth-Shallow semi-clean  no        
 PT-DSE    contaminated  no        
 xactix    contaminated  no        

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