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Nitride Etching in Drytek2 (semi-clean)

A description of the standard nitride etch in Drytek2


The purpose of this module is to give the user concise information on the etching of SiN in drytek2.



Time of execution

approximately 15 mins to etch 100nm of SiN for up to 6 wafers

Step Summary

SF6 = 100sccm

O2 = 10sccm



 Etch rate = 65nm/min for standard SiN, 98nm/min for low stress SiN, 9nm/min for thermal oxide

Selectivity of SiN to thermal oxide = 7:1 (standard SiN), 11:1 (low stress SiN)

Note: the selectivity of SiN to Si is not good.

Detailed Procedure

Please see operating instructions for drytek2.



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