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KOH Etching at SNF

Heated KOH solutions can be used for preferential etching of silicon along crystal planes. The etch rate will depend on the doping and crystal orientation of the silicon and the type of KOH solution used, but is typically on the order of about a micron per minute. Potassium (K+) is an extremely fast-diffusing alkali metal ion, and a lifetime killer for MOS devices. Thus, KOH etching is limited to wbflexcorr-3and-4 or wbflexcorr-1and-2.


Etching along crystal planes in Silicon.
Please note that there is clean quartzware available for KOH etching.  If it is used, the wafers can be de-contaminated at wbdecon and brought back to a clean condition.





Time of Execution:

 Depends on the depth of the etch.  There is about a 45 minute set-up time before etching can begin.


Step Summary:

 30% KOH in water at 80C etches about 1um/min.


Detailed Procedure:

 Please see KOH Etching of Si for complete details on the procedure

Also, please see Wet Bench Flexcorr-3 and -4 for details on the operation of the wet bench.

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