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Resources for making photolithography masks.

About Photomasks at SNF

An overview of various maskmaking options.

About Photomasks at SNF - Read More…

Service Providers

Links to maskmaking services used by SNF labmembers.

Service Providers - Read More…

Transparency Masks

Also known as Mylar masks or film plotting.

Transparency Masks - Read More…

Contact Mask Design Principles

By Alissa Fitzgerald. SNF no longer supports some of the aligner tools mentioned, but this is an excellent overview of the process considerations needed to design a mask.

Contact Mask Design Principles - Read More…

Photomask Basics

How to layout, design, and order a photomask from a commercial service, by Bill Martin.

Photomask Basics - Read More…

LEdit for Layouts

Tips and tricks on using LEdit for mask layouts.

LEdit for Layouts - Read More…

Mask Layout Software

A list of layout programs used by SNF labmembers.

Mask Layout Software - Read More…

Layout Files

Alignment marks, verniers, and examples of layouts.

Layout Files - Read More…

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