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Mask Layout Software

A list of layout programs used by SNF labmembers.

There are many CAD programs -- the choice will depend on your specific needs and budget. In additional to the conventional IC design and modelling tools, SNF labmembers use a variety of other programs (listed below). The most general file formats used in maskmaking are GDS or GDSII.

At SNF, we have several PC's located in the CAD room which are licensed for use of LEdit. These may be used by any labmember. LEdit is produced by Tanner Associates.

MyChip is a relatively inexpensive alternative used by many university labs.

Coventor produces a suite of software tools specifically for MEMS applications. They are expensive, but provide beautiful modelling capabilities.

LASI is a CAD design and file conversion program offered free to individuals and non-profit organizations.

LinkCAD is a file conversion program which also allows the user to view the files (important, as information is often lost or misinterpreted in file conversions.) LinkCAD is often used to convert design files to PostScript format (for transparency masks) or from AutoCAD DXF file formats to GDS.

SoC-GDS is a nifty free program which allows you to view GDS files.

CleWin is a nice heirarchal layout editor developed by the University of Twente and DeltaMask.

Artwork Conversion Software, Inc. has a suite of software tools that can convert just about anything.

Layout Editor. is highly recommended by several labmembers.  It's flexible, has a lot of conversion capability, and is very reasonably priced.

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