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Transparency Masks

Also known as Mylar masks or film plotting.
Mylar or transparency masks are a very inexpensive, quick-turnaround alternative to conventional Cr masks, for defining non-critical features. Using a 3600 or better, photoreproduction quality laser printer, you can generate a transparency with geometries defined down to the tens of microns in resolution. John Lee (former SNF labmember, now professor) has a very nifty website describing how to use AutoCAD for generating PostScript files

. Here are a couple of print shops which can provide this service.

    EPS and Illustrator files are accepted. Output printer is up to 20,000 dpi, depending on the data received. Quality Kodak film is used. Stanford University affiliates get special pricing. (You must mention that you are with Stanford.) There is a minimum order (around $50). A typical single mask printout will be $15-$20.

    • CAD/ART Services, Bandon, OR. Phone: 541-347-5315. Output is up to 20,000 dpi and you can FTP data to their server.

    • Infinite Graphics, Minneapolis, MN, offers film plotting to 50,000 dpi.  Special pricing is available to SNF academic labmembers (SUNet ID required.)

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