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Resist Modules

SPR3600 Series Resists Datasheet

Data sheet for Shipley 3600 resists, which includes SPR-3612 and SPR-3617 supplied at SNF.

SPR3600 Series Resists Datasheet - Read More…

SPR220 Series Resist Datasheet

Data Sheet for Shipley SPR220 series resists which include the SPR220-3 and SPR220-7 resist supplied at SNF.

SPR220 Series Resist Datasheet - Read More…

SPR220 Double-Spin charts

Procedures from the supplier for double-coating SPR220 to achieve thicker films.

SPR220 Double-Spin charts - Read More…

Shipley LOL Series Datasheet

Datasheet for LOL series lift-off polymer coatings, which includes the LOL2000 supplied at SNF.

Shipley LOL Series Datasheet - Read More…

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