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List of Available Photoresists


Resist/Developer Spin Speed Thickness Application Resolution/thickness
SPR 3612/MF 26A
5000rpm/2000rpm 1µm & 1.6µm I AND G 0.6µm w/1µm
SPR 3617M/MF 26A
  1.2µm & 1.6µm Dyed version of SPR3612, for transparent substrates  

SPR220-7/MF 26A

3500rpm/1000rpm 7µm & 10, 15µm Micromachining  
SPR220-3/MF 26A
  Thickness range 3 - 4 µm    

AZ4620/MF319 limited access/phase out on 4620

Dev AZ400K limited access/phase out

4000rpm/1000rpm Std thickness 7 & 18µm Micromachining  


5000rpm   Image Reversal, used as a negative resist, available
upon request.
LOL2000     Lift off under layer  
SPR 955CM/MF 26A

 0.7µm and 1µm I line  


EBEAM Resist/Dev*        
UVN2/CD26*     Neg  
UVN30/CD26*     Neg/like UVN2  
UV5*     Pos  

PMMA* 5%/MIBK:IPA 1:2 is std ratio, varies        
200 PMMA C5/same*        
950 PMMA M2/same*        
PMMA 200K/same*        
PMMA 950K 9%/same*        
PMMA 496K 9%/same*        
PMGI SF6/PMGI 101*        
PMGI 6% in cyclopertanon/PMGI 101*     Phase out  
ZEP 520*        
Thinners Use      
Type P Thinner        
Primers Use      
MicroPrime HP 100% svgcoat vapor prime      


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