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SU-8 Procedures

SU-8 Handling Protocol

Where and how you can use SU-8, from substrate prep through final development, in SNF.

SU-8 Handling Protocol - Read More…

Where to get SU-8

SU-8 comes in many flavors and is available through Microchem Corporation. The website provides datasheets, processing info and answers to many frequently asked questions about SU-8. (Before purchasing, consider asking around the lab first; people generally get more than they need and are often willing to share.)

Where to get SU-8 - Read More…

Optical Filtering

To obtain sharper vertical wall profiles on thick SU-8, a long pass filter which excludes light below 350 nm is recommended. This articles describes a characterization of a long pass filter.

Optical Filtering - Read More…

Where to get Optical Filters

To improve sidewall profiles for very thick SU-8 and other similar thick resist formulations, a long-pass filter which eliminates light below 350 nm is recommended. One supplier of these optical filters is Omega Optical.

Where to get Optical Filters - Read More…

Removing SU-8

SU-8 is extraordinarily difficult to remove (which is why you have to be VERY careful about how and where you use it in the lab!) This article describes various methods in detail. Please also refer the the Microchem website on SU-8 FAQ's for more information.

Removing SU-8 - Read More…

Inclined structures from SU-8

This article describes novel use of angled optical exposure of SU-8 to create a 3D mesh for use as a microfluidic filtration system.

Inclined structures from SU-8 - Read More…

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