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Coral Desktops

The new JDSR (Java Desktop System, Release 3) desktop. Or the John D. Shott, Release 3 system.

There's a new desktop for Coral on Sunrays.  The advantages are many, not the least of which the old default CDE desktop is being phased out by Sun.  But it also looks and navigates more like a regular, local desktop system with icons and menus, including quick access to email (Thunderbird!) and Star Office.

To switch to the JDSR desktop, go to a Sunray station.  On the bottom "Welcome to Flare" login window, there is an "Options" pull-down.  Select Sessions, and then "Java Desktop System, Release 3".  Then, login as usual.  The new desktop will appear and will remain your default desktop unless you decide to change it.

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