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A catalog of process runsheets used in various EE classes or to be used by labmembers as a starting point in developing their own runsheets.
Runsheets, google docs link
Basic Processing at SNF Runsheet
Basic Processing at SNF is a two day class offered to labmembers that are new to processing in a cleanroom environment. The runsheet outlines good engineering practices, obtaining wafers, oxidation, photolithgraphy, alignment and wet and dry etching.
Runsheets for Etch Qualification Test Wafers
This folder contains runsheets for the creation of test wafers for etch and other process qualifications. Some of these runsheets include photolithography steps and are common to several etch tools.
File EE410 Runsheet 2007-8
Be aware: this is the Process manual for EE410, 2007-8. The process has been completely redesigned so please check back for the updated version.
File EE410 CMOS Runsheet Winter 2015
This is the process runsheet used for the most recent CMOS run of the EE410 class.
File EE410 LOCOS Run Sheet -March 2017
Run shet used for Winter 2015 EE410 class - Modified with current equipment names in March 2017
File EE312 - Runsheet

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