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Nano @ Stanford Training and Educational Materials

The following videos (on youtube) and jpg’s (containing figures and text) have been developed for the new SNF and SNSF online training and education course, entitled Nano @ Stanford, hosted on Stanford Lagunita Online Courses.    They can currently be directly accessed and viewed here by clicking on the adjoining links.  We are provide this for now so that we can get feedback before the course officially goes live.  We greatly appreciate any feedback and comments regarding these materials, so we ask you to fill out the brief qualtrics survey linked at the bottom after you have viewed any or all of the material listed here.

Note that in the actual course on Lagunita, the content presented below as jpg's will not be in jpg's - we only present them in that format  here since they are screen captures and are easier to access at this point than requiring you to go through Lagunita to see that material.

We also wish to have a few beta-testers who will view the material (and “take” the course) on the beta version on Lagunita. This contains the same material, but in the Lagunita course framework, which hopefully provides even a richer educational environment and experience.    Instructions for doing that are linked here.

A. Course and Format Introduction course materials

1. Platform Walkthrough page [Note: this demo only works within Lagunita framework] (jpg)
2. What the materials are and for whom the are intended (jpg)

3. How these materials are organized (jpg)

4. How to use these materials (jpg)

B. Dry Etching course materials and videos:

1. Introduction to The Dry Etching Section (jpg)
2a.McVittie Dry Etching Presentation, Part 1: Introduction to Dry Etching (video)

2b. McVittie Dry Etching Presentation, Part 2: Basics of Plasmas and Types of Dry Etching Tools (video)

3a. McVittie Dry Etching Presentation, Part 3: Dry Etching Mechanisms (video)

3b. McVittie Dry Etching Presentation, Part 4: Choosing a Dry Etching Process and Tool (video

4. Choosing a Dry Etch Tool and Process at SNF (jpg)

5a1. Plasma-Therm Metal Dry Etcher (jpg)

5a2. (cont.)  Plasma-Therm Metal Etch (PT-MTL) Operation (video)

C. Substrates and Wafer Handling course materials and videos:

1. Introduction to the Substrates and Wafer Handling section (jpg)
2. Substrates (jpg)

3. Crystallography and Wafer Orientations (jpg)

4. Wafer Handling using Tweezers, Vacuum Wands and Cassettes (video)
5. Handling Non-standard Substrates and Wafer Pieces (video)
6. Wafer Cleaving (video)


Course Evaluation survey (Qualtrics survey)


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