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SNF Training Videos

Click on one of the links below to view a training video.

Windows Media Player, or later versions of RealPlayer, are required to view these videos.
The files are quite large files so a dial-up connection is not recommended.
If you wish you may first download the file by right-clicking (on a PC), choose "Save Link Target as ..." and then choose a location on your computer.

Each video is also now available on Youtube.  Just click on the "Youtube Version" link to the right of each video link.

The first three videos are required viewing before you can enter the cleanroom (unless you are on an authorized tour).

SNF Lab Introduction, 14 minutes, Youtube 

SNF Safety Training, 34 minutes, 98 Mbytes  Youtube version

Gowning, 7 minutes, 34 Mbytes  Youtube version


Prof. Saraswat, Cleanliness, Contamination, and Chemical Handling, 51 minutes, 516 Mbytes   Youtube version

SVG Spin Coater, 14 minutes, 104 Mbytes   Youtube version

Metal Tweezer Cleaning, 9 minutes, 64 Mbytes  Youtube version

Delrin Tweezer Cleaning, 9 minutes, 37 Mbytes  Youtube version

YES oven, 5 minutes, 29 Mbytes  Youtube version 

WBDIFF Diffusion Wetbench Training, 13 minutes, 106 Mbytes   Youtube version

Innotec, 80 minutes, Youtube

Metalica, 34 minutes, Youtube

Introduction to Fabrication & Processing


Maintenance only:

SVG Developer Refill Procedure, 3 minutes, 27 Mbytes


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