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NNCI MOCVD/ALD Symposium, April 7

About the Symposium

The 2017 NNCI ALD/MOCVD Symposium will be held at Stanford University, on Friday, April 7, 2017, in the Paul G. Allen Annex Auditorium (101X) on the Stanford campus and will feature invited research talks as well as technical presentations by leading ALD and MOCVD service and equipment providers.  This public symposium is free of charge; meals & snacks provided (preregistration required.)

Core Facility staff and managers are invited to attend the NNCI/NNIN-only meeting on Thursday, April 6, to share operational insights. Any questions, please contact the organizers: Michelle Rincon, Xiaoqing Xu, and Mac Hathaway.


9:00 AM  Breakfast

9:20 AM Oxford Instruments., Topic TBD

9:40 AM Strem Chemicals Inc., Topic TBD

10:00 ALD Invited Talk – Prof. Andrew Kummel - UCSD
Topic "NanoFog ALD Gate Oxide Deposition on Graphene and TMDs"

10:40 Break

10:55 AM  MOCVD Invited Talk – Prof. Debbie Senesky - Stanford University
Topic "MOCVD-grown AlGaN/GaN-on-Silicon Microstructures for Harsh Environment Electronic Devices"

11:35 AM STR Group
Topic "Strain engineering tools for GaN-based device structures grown by MOCVD"

11:55 Break+LUNCH

12:35 PM  Sigma-Aldrich, Topic TBD

12:55 PM ALD Invited Talk – Prof. Sean Barry - Carleton University
Topic "Gold Metal Nanoparticles by ALD: What a Difference the Tool Makes"

1:35 PM ALD Nanosolution  
Topic " ALD NanoSolutions: Bringing ALD to New Industrial Applications"

1:55 PM ALD Invited Talk – Prof. Stacey Bent – Stanford University
Topic "New Strategies for Area Selective Atomic Layer Deposition"

2:35 PM Break

2:50 PM AkzoNobel, Topic TBD

3:10 PM MOCVD Invited Talk – Prof. Connie Chang-Hasnain – UC Berkeley
Topic "InP/InGaAs Nanopillar Resonator Devices on a Silicon Substrate"


3:50 PM Break

4:05  Staff Workshop Highlights and ALD/MOCVD User Forum

5:00 PM Finish