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NSF's NNI Networks

In 1993, SNF become one of the founding members of NSF's National Nanofabrication Users' Network, a coalition of five university fabs committed to serving all researchers, from any academic, government, or industrial institution.  The notion of open, shared facilities was game-changing; the growth in number and diversity of users provided not only the critical mass needed to sustain operations of these complex enterprises, but also created a vibrant, dynamic, research ecosystem spanning the Network.  A winning formula, the NNUN was succeeded in 2004 by the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN), expanding the Network to 14 universities and encompassing a broader technology scope with the addition of nano-  characterization and simulation resources. 

Today, SNF is part of nano@stanford, comprised of four shared labs on the Stanford campus, and serving as part of NSF's National Nanotechnology Coordinating Infrastructure. The NNCI is a consortium of 16 university, shared-use facilities which continue the legacy of the users' network by providing micro- and nano- R&D resources to all researchers, regardless of affiliation.

As part of the NNCI, nano@stanford receives funding that supports education and outreach programs, technical workshops and conferences, and facilitate user access to resources at across all sites. If you are publishing or presenting papers of work you performed in any of our facilities, please make sure to help us recognize NSF's support in making nano@stanford possible with the following acknowledgement:

"Part of this work was performed at [facility name(s)], supported by the National Science Foundation under award ECCS-2026822."

... where the facility names may include: "nano@stanford", “the Stanford Nano Shared Facilities (SNSF)”, “the Stanford Nanofabrication Facilities (SNF)”, “the Stanford Isotope & Geochemical Measurement and Analysis Facility (SIGMA)” and/or “the Stanford Mineral and Microchemical Analysis Facility (MAF)", as appropriate.