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NEMO: FEB 1 2024!


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SNF is open to any researcher from any academic, government, private or industrial organization for R&D activity as described in Stanford University Academic Research Policies and Procedures. Non-Stanford researchers must abide by the terms and conditions of the SNF Service Center Agreement Forms. As a non-profit research organization, production of devices in our facilities for commercial sale is prohibited.

Types of Labmembership

  • Internal Labmembers are students, employees and other researchers with appointments at Stanford or SLAC.
  • External Labmembers are researchers who employed by or have appointments with organizations other than Stanford or SLAC.
  • Processing services:  While the vast majority of researchers perform their own work, there are options for processing services. Subject to limited availability, academic researchers from other institutions can arrange for process support with SNF staff. For most processing services, we recommend checking with our independent consultants who may be available for processing services.  

Any questions, please contact