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External Organizations

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Ready to join?

Once you've discussed Project Feasibility and determined that SNF is the right place for your work, we can start the paperwork for joining up.  If your organization is new to SNF, then follow the instructions to Register your organization at SNF and then join the lab under this organization.  If your organization is already using SNF, skip to join the lab.

Register your organization

  1. Determine the Organization Category
    • Industrial: For-profit entities
    • Industrial-SBIR: Industrial organizations with US government SBIR Award.
    • Other Academic: Non-Stanford academic institutions, government, non-profits, and research participants.
  2. Submit forms to

Join the lab

  1. Submit PDF forms to
  2. Obtain/renew a SUNet ID:
    • Contact to request a SUNet ID. Provide your first and last name, full date of birth, and contact email. 
    • You will receive an automated email.  You must confirm your information.
    • Once verified, you will receive an email request to select your own ID. You must respond and confirm.
    • Note: Allow 24 hours for a SUNet ID to become fully functional. 
  3. Use your new SUNet ID
  4. Complete online Lab Orientation/Safety
  5. Log into your lab account
  6. Obtain your Visitor Access Card: This is your key to enter the building and labs. You can request your card be mailed to you or made ready for pickup at your scheduled lab tour.  Your account will be charged the card fee. Allow 3 working days to prepare a card.
  7. In-person Lab Tour 
    • When you've passed SNF Safety Test, schedule your Orientation/Safety Tour.
    • To prepare for the lab tour, make sure to dress appropriately and be ready to show your Healthcheck green badge for the day.