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Account FAQ's

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Projects, funding, and affiliations can change over time.  Here are some of the more common questions about accounts for current/active SNF labmembers.

What's a PTA?

This is a Stanford account identifier.  Every funded award (Stanford) and purchase order (non-Stanford) has an assigned PTA. To find the PTA's that you are authorized to charge, log onto Badger and view the Projects linked to your Badger ID.

How do I switch to a new PTA?

This involves deactivating your old PTA and replacing with a new one.  Fill out a Labmembership form and check the appropriate box.  A financial authority or PI/Manager for this PTA must sign off.  The replacement date must be effective on the first of the calendar month; it can be retroactive to the first of the current month, provided the month has not yet closed.  Make sure to provide begin and end dates.

How can I add a PTA?

Your Badger ID can be authorized to charge multiple PTA's, if you are working on multiple projects.  Fill out a Labmembership form and check the appropriate box to add a new PTA.  A financial authority or PI/Manager must sign off. If the PTA to be added is from an external organization, an SNF Agreement Form needs to be on file and you will need to sign an Exhibit A form for this organization.

I'm changing jobs.  How do I change my organizational affiliation?

If you make a permanent change in organizational affiliation, you will need to update your Bagder account with your new contact email.  Follow the procedures to Join the lab. Make sure to indicate on your Labmembership form that you are a current labmember so that  Lab Services can expedite processing your Badger account and transfer your equipment qualifications.  If your change in affiliation is temporary (for example, you are a Stanford student on an industrial summer internship and working in the lab) a new Badger ID is not required.  Instead, follow the "Addition of PTA" instructions above.

How do I reactivate my SNF account?

Your account will be deactivated after more than a year's absence. To reactivate, you will need to join the lab again to update your safety certification and accounting info.  Indicate on your Labmembership form that you are reactivating your Badger ID. Requalification on equipment is done on a tool-by-tool basis; contact the tool owners to discuss. Any questions, please contact

What is the billing cycle?

The billing cycle runs by calendar month, from the first day of the month to the last.  Within a week of the last day of the month, the billing for that month closes and the financial transactions are made; journal transfers/invoices will be issues for local/external labmembers.  So, your account start date/end dates should be on the first/last day of the months during the effective time period; mid-month changes are challenging.  Also, any requests for changes in billing (for example, a tool was inadvertently left enabled for many hours) should be addressed before the month close.  After the month close, you may be subject to administrative charges to cover the time needed to reverse charges.  (So PLEASE make sure to check your charges at the end of every month!)