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NEMO: FEB 1 2024!

Lab Communication

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Effective lab communication is essential for getting work done efficiently.  We encourage everyone to share what they know, ask what they want, and stay on top of the latest, when using the lab.  Here are the main forms of communication.

Equipment status

On the NEMO Lab Management System (LMS), you can check the status of a tool and any previous comments which are likely relevant to using the system.  Please refer to the lab user guide or ask any staff or fellow labmember, if you have any questions about what NEMO can do.

Labmembers email list

When you join SNF, you'll automatically be subscribed to the snf-labmembers discussion list.  Topics of general interest to the lab community, including overall lab status, scheduled shutdowns, upcoming workshops and thesis defenses are typically announced here.  List members may also post announcements -- and we encourage labmembers to post questions, share tips & tricks, and ask for help, as this is the how we support each other in this community.  When you leave or take a hiatus from the lab, you can subscribe or unsubscribe yourself by sending an email to:, with "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" in the Subject header, and then confirming your request by replying to the automatically generated email request.

Discussion lists

While equipment status for all tools is posted on Badger through PCS (Problems, Comments & Shutdowns), discussion lists are the best way for users to communicate with each other and for staff to reach out to the user community. These discussion lists are currently managed through Stanford mailman. Everyone who joins the lab is automatically subscribed to the SNF Labmembers list.  Follow this link to join tool-specific discussion lists.