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New Badger Account

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How do I create an account?

Welcome to SNF! This page describes how to create a Badger account, your key to accessing SNF and the nSiL (now ExFab) and MOCVD labs. Once your forms are processed, you'll be notified when your Badger account is activated. (For access to the Electronics Shop/SPF, contact

What you will need:

  1. The PTA associated with your account.  Contact if you do not know your PTA.  
  2. Your SUNet ID number (the 9 digit number assigned by the University to you.)
  3. A valid email.  
    • Local (Stanford/SLAC) - Use your Stanford email address
    • External (all other orgs) - Use the email associated with your org.  
  4. Access to Badger.

How to register

  1. Start Badger.  The login screen will appear.
  2. Click on "New Member?" An entry form will pop up.
  3. Enter the following info (note that "*" fields are required):
    • Email.  Must be a valid email as described above.
    • University ID.  This is your 9-digit SUNet ID number.
    • First name and Last name  as indicated.
    • Lab.  Select "SNF" from the pulldown menu.
    • Account.  This is your PTA.
    • Advisor.  Enter your PI or project manager for this account.
    • Phone.  Enter your contact number. This information is accessible only by lab staff and will be used only for urgent, lab-related issues.
    • All other info is optional and not visible to general labmembers. 
  4. Select “Set Password” and follow the instructions. You'll receive a notification once your account is verified. (Note:  The use of Badger and networked systems at SNF comes under the Stanford Computer and Network Usage Policy.)