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Why can't I log in?

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SNF's Badger LMS can be accessed in two ways:

1.  From any browser. The browser-enabled version of Badger allows you to make reservations, enable/disable/report/shutdown tools, and purchase stockroom items.  It does not have reporting features (like your expenses for the month-to-date) or direct weblinks to tool info, but has all the functionality you need to plan and work in the lab.

2.  From a Java-enabled local device.  The full version of Badger requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE), an app that connects the operating system on your local device to its Java-based application.  JRE does not work with all operating systems, however, such as the iPhone iOS (though MacOS is OK). 

Most problems reported relate to getting Java to work on the local device.  So, here are some troubleshooting tips.

  • Are you user of SNSF and can't get SNF Badger to work?  Make sure that the link on your JRE app is pointing to the SNF instance of Badger.  You should have two different Java Web Start links if you use both SNF and SNSF.
  • Are you able to launch Badger from your browser?  If not, the browser you are using may not have Java enabled, as many newer browsers are doing.  You might try a different browser or run your browser in safe mode.  You just need to launch one time and save the file from your downloads onto your desktop.
  • Which version of JRE are you running?  If this is the first time you've downloaded Java Web Start on your device, it's possible that some settings are not compatible.  You might try fully deinstalling and reinstalling.  Some people have reports that downloading both the 32- and 64-bit versions have solved the problem.
  • If you've been happily using Badger and it suddenly stops working, there may have been security updates to your device.  To allow an exception for Badger, follow these instructions:
    1. On your device, run “javaws -viewer” from the command line or start menu of your OK.  This will bring up the Java Control Panel window.
    2. From the top menu tabs on this Panel, click on the Security tab.
    3. The Security window will appear.  Click on "Edit Site List" and then enter in the Exception Site List window:  then click OK.
  • Company- or government- owned devices may prevent users from downloading apps or using them to connect to unauthorized sources.  Please work with your IT support to see if an exception can be made for Badger.
  • Any other questions, please contact and we'll try to do what we can!