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NEMO: FEB 1 2024!


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We have red storage lockers in the hallway outside of the cleanroom that can be rented on a monthly basis. These lockers are for long term storage for industrial and outside academic users who do not have any other option for storage space on campus. Students and SLAC labmembers are expected to use their offices, dorms, Group space, etc. 

Day Use Lockers

We have blue storage lockers in the hallway outside of the cleanroom. These lockers are for day use - a safe space to store purses, laptops, phones, etc while inside the clean room. They are NOT for long term storage. You must supply your own lock (TSA size, a regular masterlock is too large). Please be aware that locks and belongings are subject to removal, if a locker remains continuously occupied.

Storage Containers in the Lab

We offer storage bins within the cleanroom, and a few across the hall in Ocean (151). They come in three different sizes, and are rented by the month. 

To inquire about availability of the lockers and storage bins, please reach out to Pricing for these storage options can be found on our Fee Schedule