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Staff List

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Alex Denton Process Engineer - ALD (650)725-0307
Mike Dickey Maintenance Tech (650)725-3689
Daniella Duran Education and Outreach Program Manager (650)680-9143
Elmer Enriquez Maintenance Engineer - Dry Etching (650)725-3690
Graham Ewing Lab Operations Engineer (650)497-0982
Jim Haydon Maintenance Engineer - Thin Films/Benches (650)725-3691
Carsen Kline Lab Manager (650)724-8214
Cliff Knollenberg Process Engineer - Litho (650)721-1274
Swaroop Kommera Senior R&D Engineer (650)721-7546
Kasia Krow-Lucal Lab Services Coordinator (650)498-8805
Lavendra Mandyam Process Engineer - Dry Etching (650)498-1304
Saeed Nejad Lab Operations Engineer - Furnaces (650)721-3178
Christina Newcomb AFM Lab Manager (650)644-5976
Quynh D Nguyen Financial Accountant  
Sara Ostrowski
Associate Director of nano@stanford - AFM
Jim Peterson MOCVD Lab Manager (650)497-3481
Gary Sosa Maintenance Engineer - Litho (650)725-1685
Ai Tan Finance & Administration Manager (650)498-4933
Mary Tang Managing Director (650)723-9980
Uli Thumser Process Engineer - Benches/Litho (650)725-3694
Mario Vilanova Maintenance Tech - Litho (650)725-4438
Philip Wong Faculty Director