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Independent consultants have long been important members of the SNF community, providing processing services to researchers from Stanford and beyond. They are not SNF employees, but are SNF labmembers in good standing.  Lab fees incurred by consultants are billed directly to their customers' accounts. Compensation for services are solely between the customer and the consultant.

If you have a project that may require the services of a consultant, we recommend reviewing the Consultant Guidelines. These are "best practices" based on our collective experience as to what makes for a successful project at SNF. These Guidelines are tools for setting expectations, boundary conditions, and project goals in your discussions.  Once you have decided to retain a consultant, just follow the procedures for joining the lab, with the consultant as the authorized labmember performing work.

Stratio Technology, Inc.

Expertise includes Read-Out Integrated Circuit (ROIC) design/implementation for CMOS and MEMS based devices and various wafer processing techniques, including various film deposition, CMP, and wafer bonding & layer transfer; also low volume wirebonding services, custom PCB design/implementation.

EigenPhase Technologies

EigenPhase specializes in process development and nanofabrication of prototype devices including: CAD Layout & Design, Mask Exposure, Lithography (Contact, Stepper, Ebeam, Direct Write, etc), Thin Film Deposition (Evap, PECVD, HDP, Sputter, ALD), Etching (RIE, ICP, DRIE), Implantation (including Smart-Cut), Furnace Processing (Thermal Oxidation, LPCVD, Annealing), RTA, Wafer Thinning/Bonding/Drilling/Dicing, CMP, 3D Printing, AFM, SEM, EDS, XPS and more. You give us a Powerpoint illustration and we figure out a way to make it!

Aleta Jamora

Kathy Jackson

Ludwig Galambos

Farid Zuberi